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Best Holiday Wishes To You

December 25, 2017

(No blog post this week.

Snowy tree branches in early morning sunlight.jpegMay the spirit of this season of joy sustain you and your loved ones throughout the coming year. Let’s endeavor to see 2018 surpass all expectations, in every arena of our personal and public lives, and no matter what disappointments pop up in our news feeds. Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

Read on for some fun branding links.

Best Branding Reads – Week of December 25, 2017

Why Christmas Is The Envy Of Brands
Christmas does it right without even half trying.

Why Has Luxury Got It Right?
A wonderful follow-up piece to last week’s focus on luxury branding. The quote from the Rolex CEO is revealing.

Brands to Watch in 2018
Brand watcher par excellence, Denise Lee Yohn, helps us focus in on next year’s movers and shakers.

Global Branding, Local Cultures And The Customer Experience
The world is now so small, brands have to be relevant to every culture.

World Chess Championship logo looks like the Kama Sutra
As a rule, I dislike dumping on bad logos because designers often have to work within insane restrictions. But this has to be the worst logo of 2017. Wrong in so many ways.

New Logo and Identity for TaxSlayer
Some typography issues with this logo but what a “killer” mark.

Joliet’s Minor League Stadium is Now ‘The Cards Against Humanity Baseball Place’
When we talk about brands sharing their values with their markets, it doesn’t mean they have to be noble, or even positive. For some brands, mean and snarky fits the bill. Even during the season of joy.

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Best Branding Reads
Week of November 18, 2019

318 brands celebrate victory at World Branding Awards 2019
From the "They’ll Give Awards Out For Anything" file. Somebody put a helluva lot of work into this.

Integrating Brand Strategy And Positive Psychology
Any time you sell something to your customer, package it with a unique psychological benefit – baksheesh.

How to Leverage Visual Branding to Drive Authenticity in Marketing
Get the visuals right. In an instant, they tell the whole story about your brand before your customer reads a single word.

The Risks And Rewards Of Brand Extension
It’s risky to extend a brand but there’s risk in being complacent too. Read your market well.

Meet Arrokoth: Ultima Thule, the Most Distant Object Ever Explored, Has a New Name
From the “They’ll Rebrand Anything” file. Arrokoth is OK but I really liked Ultima Thule. Who decided to rename it and why?

New Logo and Identity for Warner Bros.
Beautifully done. But surprisingly conservative for an entertainment company.

The Business Owners' Essential Guide to Brand Protection
My friend, IP attorney Cheryl Hodgson, wrote a terrific book! Get your complimentary copy here.

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