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The Eight Benefits of Branding – Part 2, A Platform for Growth

February 16, 2016

540_293_resize_20130701_8ef9a2463d23f59e4a017433f403b872_gif.gifA powerful brand provides a consistent and credible platform for geographic expansion, new product or service lines, and other new business endeavors. When a brand is established and trusted in one market sector, it can leverage that trust to help open the doors of a related market sector. It pays to attend to the care and feeding of your brand because that one strong brand can launch a whole family of brands.

One of the most difficult tasks in marketing is to get people to try a new product, especially if they’ve never heard of it and don’t think they need it. But, if that new product is associated with a brand that people already know and trust, it’s much easier to convert prospects into toe-dippers into customers. So a when popular brand like Coca-Cola decides to launch Diet Cola, they will have a much easier start than a company that’s totally unknown and launching its first brand. By the same logic, Apple was able to leverage the popularity of its iMac into iPods, iPads, iPhones, etc. And, once they had a popular music player, they faced no market resistance when they moved out of tech gear into iTunes. So a strong brand can drive new revenue by expanding the range of products and services a business can offer. It can even open up whole new market sectors.

Strong brands also find easy access to new geographical territories. Back in the 1970s, Coors beer was considered a rare treat on the East Coast of the USA. Why? Because it wasn’t distributed east of the Mississippi. It was so hard to get, its brand became near legendary, making it easy to open up the East Coast market.

Similarly, when Krispy Kreme donuts decided to expand to the West Coast of the USA, the entire state of California got excited. That’s because many Californians were transplants from the East and remembered how much they loved those donuts. They told their friends and everyone waited in anticipation for the first shop to open. That’s a strong brand.

Now, both Starbucks and Taco Bell are experimenting with selling wine and beer in some of their locations. They’re both keen to see if they can turn their quick-serve concepts into European-style cafes where people will linger longer and spend more. They can only make such a move because they have strong brands to begin with. If a one-location, mom and pop coffee shop suddenly started offering alcohol, it wouldn’t be a coffee shop anymore. It would be a bar.

And check out the very pertinent, attached article on Wegman’s

No doubt about it; it’s worth making the effort to develop your brand – if for no other reason than a strong brand opens up so many opportunities for growth.


This is the second of an eight-part series, outlining the eight major benefits of branding. Can’t wait to learn about all eight benefits of branding? Download them here.

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